Hydraulic Demolition Tools

The optimal strength of HYDRAM tools ensures total safety during spreading, pulling, crushing and lifting operations.

Opening 800 mm

Classification EN 13204 BS 63- 800/26.18


  • 1 double acting cylinder.
  • 1 control handle with integrated safety, ergonomic shape, pilot operated non-return valves.
  • 1 set of 0.5 m long hoses with HP anti-pollution quick couplings, self-locking and equipped with metal protective caps.
  • 2 high-strength forged light alloy arms with interchangeable grooved nozzles, made of HR treated and corrosion resistant steel.
  • 1 ergonomic handle.
  • Hose decompressor on end cap.

Further information

Weight 26.18 kg
Dimensions 885 × 385 × 225 mm

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