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Welcome Hydr’am and Socophym!

  • Extrication Tools

    Cutters, Spreaders, Cylinders, Hydraulic, Lulled, Pumps, Was ...

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  • Nuclear Dismantling

    Cutters, Crimp and Cutting sets, Hydraulic sets ...

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  • Crimping Equipment

    Titanium Crimping Press, Load–bearing hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic light alloy sleeve cutter...

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  • Destructive testing of welds

    Cold Chisel for spotweld destruction control equipment, Spot Weld Destruction Spreader, Spot Weld destruction mini spreader...

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  • Emergency vehicles

    Relief Road Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles Road Light, Special Vehicles

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  • Rescue Trailers

    Road Rescue Trailer, Portable lighting unit.

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About hydr’am and SOCOPHYM ...

Hydr’am designs, develops, manufactures and supplies and emergency equipment for industry worldwide.  Lorem ipsum ...

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Leading Event For Homeland Security and Safety



Thanks to the development of DV-technology hydraulic units, you will be able to extricate victims much faster.

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