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Battery powered mini cutter for cutting up to Ø20 mm (8/8) easily and quickly.

Operating pressure 550 bar

Cutting force 14 T

Cutting diameter 20 mm

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  • 1 x 18V motor with 18V lithium battery.
  • 1 Pressure relief system.
  • 1 Hydraulic pump 550 bars.
  • 1 Cutting head with blades.
  • 1 Cylinder force 140 KN.
  • Compact tool can be held in a holster, a bag with a shoulder strap.
  • Very high cutting force with Ø20 mm (8/8) cutting screw, chain link.
  • The battery can easily be changed.
  • Can be used by one person.
  • Low noise and no heat, sparks or red-hot elements are projected.
  • No risk of burns for the rescuers.
  • Handling.
  • Automatic return at the end of the stroke.

Further information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 400 × 325 × 105 mm
Type of connection

CX version, CXT version, Standard version

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