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Ground relief

Highly effective for entrapment rescue operations in vehicle accidents involving railways, road freight, aviation.

Cutting force 334 kN

Pressure 700 bar


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  • 1 double acting cylinder .
  • 1 control handle with integrated safety, ergonomic shape, pilot operated non-return valves.
  • 1 Set of 0.5 m long hoses with anti-pollution HP quick couplings, self-locking and equipped with metal protective caps.
  • 2 Shear notched dies made of high strength treated steel.
  • 1 Notched shear blade made of high strength steel.
  • 2 light alloy connecting rods with treated steel glides.
  • 2 + 2 handholds.
  • Hose decompressor on end cap.

Further information

Weight 33.05 kg
Dimensions 962 × 400 × 276 mm
Type of connection

CX version, CXT version, Standard version

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