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Titanium Crimping Press PHST 130 DE


  • Type 8E matrix supports in treated steel with captive matrix indexing system. Specific treated steel matrix beyond E 45 C
  • Integrated hydraulic safety system operating ibackward and forward
  • Carrying handle on U-bolt
  • Support plate in anti-corrosion treated steel
  • Rotating couplings on the distributor enables the tool to be used in all positions without damaging the hoses
  • High pressure quick connect couplers CEJN : Type 10 115 for hoses under pressure type 10 117 for non pressurized hoses
  • Fluids type HYDR’ELF 32 or EQUIVIS ZS 32 or others on request


Weight : 50kg

Dimensions : 340x 215 x 530


Technical Data

Titanium Crimping Press PHST 130 DE