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Hydraulic light alloy sleeve cutter


  • Hydraulic press, weight 9.2 kg, FMU 260 KN, operating pressure 700 bar, dual action control handle type “dead man” ergonomically shaped and integrated in the press
  • Functions on all hydro-electric power stations in TST or not
  • Die supports and dies in titanium alloy, hexagonal impression for Almélec sleeves 570 mm2
  • Integrated extractor
  • Hardened knife blade
  • Integrated hydraulic safety
  • Locking pin with safety system
  • Suspension ring for trigger snap
  • High pressure quick coupling CEJN: Type 10 115 for hoses under pressure, Type 10 117 for hoses without pressure
  • Fluids type HYDR’ELF 32 or others on request
  • OPTIONS : Dies and knife for other sleeves Dies for sleeving cables up to 228 mm2

Technical Data

Hydraulic light alloy sleeve cutter