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History and Values

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Hydr’am: first European manufacturer of hydraulic tools

A little of history

During the 70s, Mr GALLEGO Joseph invented the first hydraulic extrication tools: hydraulic cutters, freeing equipment, pedal spreader. As he had no means of production he entrusted the manufacturing to the Celette company, which is a renowned manufacturer of car control frames.

This company subcontracts the manufacturing of these rescue tools to a mechanics company.

Mr ARMAND Michel, who is the current leader of the SODEX’AM group, was technical sales manager in this mechanics company and was in charge of the tools manufacturing and developing.

In 1983 the collaboration between M. GALLEGO and M. ARMAND ends.

As the tools have evolved a new direction has been taken and a trade agreement is concluded with SIDES for the sale of the rescue tools.

In 1988 M. ARMAND created the HYDR’AM company in order to focus on the conception of new hydraulic rescue tools, nuclear facilities dismantling, electric connectors crimping,  maintenance and repair of high voltage lines, spot weld destruction.

In 2002, a complementary activity to the rescue is set up under the brand name SOCOPHYM: fire and rescue vehicles equipment.

This responsibility is given to M. IZAMBARD Philippe, who is the current technical manager of the SODEX’AM group.

The SODEX’AM group is the only one company in the world which carries out vehicles equipment and rescue tools. It is present on the 5 continents.

Few dates

  • 1983 Beginning of the hydraulic activity
  • 1985 Conception of the first hydraulic power unit with two simultaneous outputs
  • 1986 Trade agreement with SIDES
  • 1987 Patent for a cutter-clip set for nuclear dismantling
  • 1988 Foundation of HYDR’AM company
  • 1991 Conception of an high pressure hydraulic connector radio-controlled
  • 1992 Conception and patent for the first autonomous battery operated hydraulic tool
  • 1992 Trade agreement with ENERPAC for rescue tools
  • 1993 Trade agreement with HALE for 700 bar rescue tools
  • 1994 Conception and patent for the first high capacity cutter for continuous cutting following a request from French Air Army
  • 2011 Development of hydraulic tools for cranes assembly
  • 2002 Foundation of SOCOPHYM
  • 2009 Conception of a hydraulic single coupling and a range of hydraulic and pneumatic stabilization kit for the wedging and the clearing rescue
  • 2011 Conception and patent for a new concept of an high pressure hydraulic power unit